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Playing For Belikins... On The Toucan Trail

When Calypso Bertrand traveled to Belize with the nonprofit group Bookbag Santa as their official musician he didn't realize that his adventures with this group would lead to a new Belizean oriented CD.  But, as fate would have it, that's exactly what happen.  While staying in the small village of Placencia each night Bertrand would play in the unique and colorful beach clubs and cafes... mostly for the standard fee of free dinner, fifty Belizean dollars... and plenty of Belikin beer.  What else could a musician want in life, right?  During the day Bertrand began writing several new song, all of which are included on this new CD.  If you, or someone you know, has been to Belize then be sure to get this one!  We all need "a new sailboat" sometimes.

Fun Songs From Calypso Bertrand's New CD!
Belikin Toucan Trail CD
You Too Can Be Playing For Belikins!

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A Couple Of Belizean Two Dollar Bills... Compliments Of
Calypso Bertrand.


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